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Design Sanctuary Workshop in Dallas

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Wow, what a whirlwind the past week has been. From processing all the blooms we provided (we're still picking thorns out of our hands), Instagram and Facebook stalking (or connecting as you’d say) every new friend we’ve met and editing what seems to be a never ending amount of photos, Design Sanctuary Dallas has now officially come to an end. Technically, it was only 2 days.. but if you had been there, you would understand how it steals your mind for at least an entire week.

Imagine a room full of some of the most creative women you will ever meet, and thousands of flowers of every hue surrounding you just waiting to be designed into something beautiful (Aka our beautiful flowers, but not to toot our own horn or anything). Can’t imagine it? Well, honestly you had to have been there. But believe me when I say, it was nothing short of amazing.

Design Sanctuary isn’t even so much of a workshop, but more so an experience. You are getting to witness and be a part of some of the greatest collaborations in the floral industry all without a single pressure of a client. Imagine someone you’ve looked up to over Instagram for years, sitting next to you with a cup of coffee teaching you all their tricks of the trade.

While there are short classes throughout, it is more so a take what you need kind of learning. While some new designers are learning the technicalities of different installments, some of the most experienced designers are picking up the smallest helpful habits that could make the biggest difference in their assembly.

Sometimes in this industry, or any industry really, the passion starts to get lost between the pressures of clients, finances, and the in-between stressors caught up in your day to day routines. Design Sanctuary is a place to remind you why you are in this industry, a place to help you reignite that fire, and a support team to help you come back stronger than ever.

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this experience.

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