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Inspiring the Florists of Tomorrow: Intrigue Teaches 2020 with Sarah Campbell

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Within the white brick walls of local Houston creative studio, The Space, a steady trickle of beautiful Greenleaf Wholesale blooms begin to take center stage. On a rainy Monday, the gloom stands no chance against the coral charm peonies, baby blue tinted eucalyptus, and locally sourced smilax as they are artfully laid out by Sarah Campbell, the mind behind the 2020 Intrigue Teaches Workshop. The floral bounty will not only serve as a friendly polychromatic greeting to each Intrigue attendee, but will also be the main source of inspiration for every single design installation that will soon slather The Space with color.

As workshop guests enter the room, their grins glow

almost as bright as the freshly bloomed

For the uninitiated, Intrigue Design Workshops are a country-wide phenomenon centering around floral education, designing beautiful hands-on installations, as well as financial mentoring and social media training. Sarah Campbell, in many ways has mastered each of these facets, and therefore offers to share her wealth of knowledge with those willing to invest in their own future as the florists of tomorrow. And while Sarah manages to effortlessly instruct and inspire, it is apparent that she is also offering something very special. 

It is no secret that in the age of the internet, every industry has changed, therefore, businesses have had to learn how to adapt in order to thrive. However, this is especially true for the floral industry. And with a trade that is so inspiration-seeking and visual, the internet can easily be a close friend or an enemy. Aesthetically, Sarah sets the standard for the modern florist, all the while showing her attendees that they truly have the best job in the world, therefore the quality of their work, as well as their online presence, should reflect that. This is why all of the larger-than-life installations are so much fun to watch take shape. From swirling tinted eucalyptus rising ten feet above the ground to dangling Van Dyke tulips, each design is tastefully made and breathtaking. And not only are they magnificently beautiful, but they are also vital to the health and progression of the industry. 

The Intrigue Design Workshops truly are a valuable resource for those willing to invest in their craft, expand their knowledge of industry trends, and gain inspiration for larger-than-life design installations that are sure to guide business growth. With upcoming stops in New Orleans, Orlando, and San Diego, be sure to keep an eye out for all Sarah and her team have to offer.  

*all images provided by Clear Sky Images

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