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Greenleaf Wholesale Welcomes Shawn Michael Foley AIFD

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Greenleaf proudly welcomes Shawn Michael Foley as our new Corporate Marketing: Wedding & Events Coordinator.

While studying vocal performance in college, Shawn Michael Foley, AIFD, PFCI, had a change of heart. He saw a want ad in the newspaper for a floral designer, applied on a whim, got the job and quickly caught the “flower bug.” He attended as many

conventions and classes as he could afford, and in 2011 started his own business, Design Lab Botanicals in Wausau, Wisconsin, where he

experimented with mechanics and techniques to develop his own style. Hungry for large-scale artistic projects, Foley launched the Human Form Project in 2012. This annual series of photographs highlights the beauty of the human body with grand botanical accessories and has appeared in several European magazines, including Flowers World and Blomster.Along the way, he crossed paths with crew members of HotHouse Design Studio in Birmingham, Alabama, who persuaded him to join their team as a lead wedding designer. His passion for education and creativity landed him the coveted title of Mayesh Design Star in 2016. Foley brings his own creative spark to the industry along with eagerness to educate and share his techniques for weddings, body flowers and floral artistry.

Career Accomplishments and Achievements:

Accredited Member of AIFD, Mayesh Design Star, Accredited Member of PFCI, Reiki Master, Teacher/Practitioner, International Publications, Photography and Photo editing experience

14 Years of Wedding & Event Sales/Design/Marketing Experience, Floral Educator and Mentor Soul Coach/Light Worker, Stage Shows - AIFD & AIFD SOUTHERN, Video Series - Mayesh Design Star

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